Voyage: All Women’s Sail Miami to Key West, February 2017

Captain Ryan was probably a little nervous about making this trip.  All women.  Overnight.  Many first-time sailors.  *gulp*  But you know what?  These salty gals were actually some of the heartiest, most engaged and active passengers we have had aboard Libra.  They were all curious about the electronics, navigation, maneuvering ships at night and each gal held a hand-steering shift during the short one-night voyage.  The trip was definitely a success and a great way to introduce women to overnight sailing.  It was also good for many of the women to break from their partners and truly get a feel for sailing and holding the helm of a sailboat on their own.  With Annie Dike from HaveWindWillTravel leading the voyage, the intent was there was no stupid question, only questions not asked.  Let the learning begin!  Libra will probably put together a few more “all womens” sails in the 2017 season.  Be on the lookout!

Sail to Cuba for New Years Eve, 2016

It’s Cuba.  What more can we say?  YOU NEED TO GO!  This was Libra’s third trip to Cuba and she sailed this time with a full, excited crew eager to embrace the Cuban culture, food (and, let’s not kid ourselves, primarily the rum and cigars!).  Libra left Pensacola, FL on the morning of Dec. 27th and pointed south across the Gulf of Mexico on a straight shot for Cuba.  Unfortunately, the winds were light in the first days of the voyage and Libra motor sailed initially while the crew got acquainted with the boat, her navigation systems and electronics and the galley, cooking up some hearty passages underway.  It was a good thing the first days were light and easy, though, because the crew was well-rested for some wicked north winds that kicked in during the last leg of the passage, building from 20 to 25 kts, with gusts of 30 kts right on the stern, forcing Libra to charge through the entrance to Marina Hemingway in 28 knot winds and 10-12 foot seas.  “It was one of the most difficult landfalls I’ve ever had to make,” Captain Ryan said.

Thankfully, it was one of his most successful too as Libra made her way safely in and the crew soaked up a few eye-opening days in Cuba, including New Years Eve in Havana before making their way on another incredibly-windy romp from Cuba to Key West in just 10 hours January 1, 2017.  Happy New Year crew!