2018  Voyage Schedule

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But first, let us show you what you are in for:

Blue Water Awaits

Shake the stress of life ashore and the blare of your daily commute.  Find yourself breathing deeply under crisp stars, unencumbered by city lights with only the sound of the water rushing the hull aboard s/v Libra.  These passages can be as intense or educational as you would like with full sailing lessons included for those who want rigorous training while underway or you can spend your off-shift hours leisurely with a book in hand on the sun deck.  It is up to you.  Libra offers adventure-filled overnight voyages south to tropical destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and the Keys as well as brisk, sometimes brutal, blue-water training trips back north across the Gulf to Pensacola.  Per passenger rates cover food, safety gear, communication devices and provisioning for the passage.  You can book a return flight home from the tropical destination or join us for the upwind training sail back. Either way, blue water awaits.

We always offer group discounts if you round up several friends who want to join you on a sail as well as package discounts if you want to book both legs of a voyage (i.e., the voyage down to the tropical destination as well as the return trip back).

2018 Winter Schedule


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Jan. 3rd – 8th Pensacola > Isla Mujeres, Mexico 560 $3,600 $1800
Jan. 13th – 18th Isla Mujeres, Mexico > Pensacola, FL 560 $3,600 $1800 3
Jan. 25th – 29th Pensacola > Key West 450 $3,200 $1600 4
Feb. 1st – 5th Key West > Cuba > Key West 180 FULL
Feb. 12th – 24nd  Key West > St Thomas USVI  1400  $6,200 $3100  4
ALL of March Private Offshore Caribbean Trips 4 Available Your Private Destinations $18,200 $9100 for whole boat up to 6 NA
April 12-24 St Thomas USVI to Key West 1000 $4,800 $2400 6

Let’s go sailing!

In the meantime: Where Do You Want to Sail?

Libra will be busy 2017/2018, but if you have a destination request, we want to hear it.  Want to do a shorter sail overnight to Destin, St. Pete, Tarpon Springs?  Any opportunity we have to take you and a group of friends offshore to a new destination, we will try to fill it.  Round up a few adventure-seekers to fill a passage and we can offer a group discount.  Where do you want to go?  Get creative.  Contact Us!

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