Voyage: All Women’s Sail Miami to Key West, February 2017

Captain Ryan was probably a little nervous about making this trip.  All women.  Overnight.  Many first-time sailors.  *gulp*  But you know what?  These salty gals were actually some of the heartiest, most engaged and active passengers we have had aboard Libra.  They were all curious about the electronics, navigation, maneuvering ships at night and each gal held a hand-steering shift during the short one-night voyage.  The trip was definitely a success and a great way to introduce women to overnight sailing.  It was also good for many of the women to break from their partners and truly get a feel for sailing and holding the helm of a sailboat on their own.  With Annie Dike from HaveWindWillTravel leading the voyage, the intent was there was no stupid question, only questions not asked.  Let the learning begin!  Libra will probably put together a few more “all womens” sails in the 2017 season.  Be on the lookout!

Voyage: Pensacola to the Miami Boat Show, February 2017

Aerial silks underway!  This was our first time attempting this stunt on Libra and we actually caught it via drone footage. What a sight!  Annie with made the voyage with us and was brave enough (or crazy enough!) to climb the silks during our last day on the water while it was calm and glassy out.  That was not the case when Libra left Pensacola.  Strong south winds pushed Libra far to the west, to the point that the crew began spotting many of the oil rigs around Louisiana and Texas during the second day of the voyage.  It was a sporty ride the first two days and several crew members sadly were getting a little green around the gills.  (Seasickness is definitely something that happens on Libra but it is good to learn what your motion tolerance is and what medications help you prevent it.)  The last three days of the voyage offered calmer winds and a chance to hop off the boat and get a refreshing swim in in the Atlantic Ocean!  The crew also enjoyed amazing meals cooked most nights by Phillip from HaveWindWillTravel who loves to play head chef on the boat!  Fresh black fin tuna and Mahi Mahi caught underway made for some exceptional meals on passage.

Libra’s Busting out the Silks at the Miami Boat Show!

That’s right.  We’re going to make sure we put on the BEST show at the boat show.  Libra will be hoisting aerial silks at the Miami Boat Show and we’ve found two fun acrobatic sailors to perform.  What more reason do you need now to come and check out Libra at the show?  Hope to see you there!  We are also giving out one free ticket to the Boat Show every day this week on Libra’s Facebook page.  Meet our first two winners here!  Or you can join us on the sail from Pensacola to Miami with a $250 discount, promo code MIAMIWEEK.

Meet our silky superstars: Hanna

And Annie

We can’t wait for you to see these fiery two perform in Miami.











Our Miami Boat Show Ticket Winners

It’s MiamiWeek on Facebook and SailLibra is handing out one free ticket to the Miami Boat Show every day to a lucky Libra follower.  We hope to see some of these guys and gals on Libra at the Miami Boat Show in February and we would love to see your smiling mug among them.  Jump on Facebook, check out this week’s fun Miami posts and share to be eligible to win!  If you would like to sail to the Boat Show with us, click JOIN THE SAIL above and sign up with promo code MIAMIWEEK for a $250 discount.

Winner No. 1: Glen J. Stettler

Winner No. 2: Devlin Wilson

Winner No. 3:  Mary Wright

Winner No. 4:  Jeffrey Wettig