What We Do…

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If you are looking to make an offshore passage with a capable and competent captain and crew in order to learn what the experience is like, we are the answer.  Sail Libra is an Offshore Charter operation covering exotic areas of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, Atlantic and beyond.  Built in 1969, with a refit completed in 2015, our 60′ custom ketch, s/v Libra, has logged thousands of miles and successfully passed rigorous sea trials and testing.  Virtual tour HERE.  We have journeyed as far south as Columbia and Panama, as well as visiting Cuba eight times now per new regulations, Libra feels like a native of the Caribbean islands.  We made new friends and acquired new skills while taking part in events and races along the way, and we are ready to share the offshore voyaging experience with you.


Libra has circumnavigated the globe twice in her life, and is still as fast, powerful, and comfortable as she was then.  Because of her hull design, length, and weight, she performs like a rocket on the water, hitting double digit speeds in conditions lighter vessels would typically avoid.  Libra is ready to share the experience of blue water sailing with you.

What we can do for YOU!

We share the enlightening and rewarding experience that is offshore sailing on a trusted, durable ocean-crossing vessel with competent, knowledgeable crew.  We offer Adventure Charters and Offshore sailing instruction for a maximum crew of 6 student sailors and adventurers.  You can schedule a private, customized excursion, or choose from our scheduled offshore legs.  You can join us for a more leisurely sail down to tropical destinations in the south or the shorter, brisk and sometimes brutal, offshore sail bringing the boat back to home shores.  Most of our trips down are 7 to 12 days, with allowances made for destination, wind, and weather.  Return trips are often 4-5 days.  This is an adventure in offshore passage-making that offers the promise of memories for a lifetime!  Join us and your friends will soon be asking you: What was your favorite port-of-call?